Downloading the Game

Downloading the Launcher [Experimental]

When you are on Windows you can download our Launcher. Read our announcement post for more information about the launcher project.

Downloading the Client

The first step is to download ManaPlus, our game client. If you download from a repository, ensure the version is or greater. Older versions may present bugs.

Adding the Server

The easiest, but discouraged way to play the game, is by selecting "" on manaplus server list. Below are instructions which will grant you a more reliable and possibly faster connection with our servers.

Once the game opens, a server list will show. Select “Add”. Insert a server name and description. The important data is as follow:

        Name: TMW-2: Moubootaur Legends
        Port: 6901
        Type: Evol2

You'll need to register before playing the game. Please use a valid email address as if we need to email your password back to you, we will do using that email.


If you cannot connect, certify data entered is right. Server may also be at maintenance, but if you keep getting a “servers unavailable” message, or is otherwise unable to connect, please contact us so we may fix this issue.