Item Database

Item databases are at db/re/item_db.conf and this page explains how to manipulate that file with a TEXT EDITOR (ie. gedit, geany, notepad - not libreoffice or word)

Please note ManaPlus may not support all the features, and Evol is RENEWAL mode.

	// =================== Mandatory fields ===============================
	Id: ID                        (int)
	AegisName: "Aegis_Name"       (string, optional if Inherit: true)
	Name: "Item Name"             (string, optional if Inherit: true)
	// =================== Optional fields ================================
	Type: Item Type               (int, defaults to 3 = etc item)
	Buy: Buy Price                (int, defaults to Sell * 2)
	Sell: Sell Price              (int, defaults to Buy / 2)
	Weight: Item Weight           (int, defaults to 0, units in Weight/10 )
	Atk: Attack                   (int, defaults to 0)
	Matk: Magical Attack          (int, defaults to 0, ignored in pre-re)
	Def: Defense                  (int, defaults to 0)
	Range: Attack Range           (int, defaults to 0)
	MinRange: Minimal Attack Range (int, defaults to 0)
	Slots: Slots                  (int, defaults to 0)
	Job: Job mask                 (int, defaults to all jobs = 0xFFFFFFFF)
	Upper: Upper mask             (bitmask array, string or int, defaults to "ITEMUPPER_ALL")
	Gender: Gender                (string, defaults to "SEX_ANY")
	Loc: Equip location           (bitmask array, string or int, required value for equipment)
	WeaponLv: Weapon Level        (int, defaults to 0)
	EquipLv: Equip required level (int, defaults to 0)
	EquipLv: [min, max]           (alternative syntax with min / max level)
	Refine: Refineable            (boolean, defaults to true)
	DisableOptions: true/false    (boolean, defaults to false !!for equipments only!!) [Smokexyz]
	Subtype: Item Subtype         (int, defaults to 0)
	ViewSprite: Sprite view ID    (int, defaults to 0)
	BindOnEquip: true/false       (boolean, defaults to false)
	ForceSerial: true/false       (boolean, defaults to false)
	BuyingStore: true/false       (boolean, defaults to false)
	Delay: Delay to use item      (int, defaults to 0)
	KeepAfterUse: true/false      (boolean, defaults to false)
	DropAnnounce: true/false      (boolean, defaults to false)
	FloorLifeTime: Delay to remove item from ground (int, default flooritem_lifetime)
	AllowPickup: true/false       (boolean, defaults to true)
	Charm: true/false             (boolean, defaults to false)
	MaxFloorOffset: [x, y]        (int, defaults to 8)
	MaxFloorOffset: offset        (int, defaults to 8)
	RequiredStr: minimal strength (int, default to 0)
	RequiredAgi: minimal agility  (int, default to 0)
	RequiredVit: minimal vitality (int, default to 0)
	RequiredInt: minimal intellect (int, default to 0)
	RequiredDex: minimal dexterity (int, default to 0)
	RequiredLuk: minimal luck     (int, default to 0)
	RequiredMaxHp: required max hp (int, default to 0)
	RequiredMaxSp: required max sp (int, default to 0)
	RequiredAtk: required attack   (int, default to 0)
	RequiredMAtkMin: required minimal magic attack (int, default to 0)
	RequiredMAtkMax: required maximum magic attack (int, default to 0)
	RequiredDef: required defence  (int, default to 0)
	RequiredMDef: required magic defence (int, default to 0)
	RequiredSkill: required skill (int, default to 0)
	UseEffect: effect if use/equip item success (int, default to -1)
	UseFailEffect: effect if use/equip item failed (int, default to -1)
	UnequipEffect: effect if unequip item success (int, default to -1)
	UnequipFailEffect: effect if unequip item failed (int, default to -1)
	Trade: {                      (defaults to no restrictions)
		override: GroupID             (int, defaults to 100)
		nodrop: true/false            (boolean, defaults to false)
		notrade: true/false           (boolean, defaults to false)
		partneroverride: true/false   (boolean, defaults to false)
		noselltonpc: true/false       (boolean, defaults to false)
		nocart: true/false            (boolean, defaults to false)
		nostorage: true/false         (boolean, defaults to false)
		nogstorage: true/false        (boolean, defaults to false)
		nomail: true/false            (boolean, defaults to false)
		noauction: true/false         (boolean, defaults to false)
	Nouse: {                      (defaults to no restrictions)
		override: GroupID             (int, defaults to 100)
		sitting: true/false           (boolean, defaults to false)
	Stack: [amount, flag]         (int, defaults to 0)
	Sprite: SpriteID              (int, defaults to 0)
	Script: <"
		(it can be multi-line)
	OnEquipScript: <" OnEquip Script (can also be multi-line) ">
	OnUnequipScript: <" OnUnequip Script (can also be multi-line) ">
	OnDropScript: <" OnDrop Script (can also be multi-line) ">
	OnTakeScript: <" OnTake Script (can also be multi-line) ">
	OnInsertCardScript: <" OnInsert card Script (can also be multi-line) ">
	// =================== Optional fields (item_db2 only) ================
	Inherit: true/false           (boolean, if true, inherit the values
	                              that weren't specified, from item_db.conf,
	                              else override it and use default values)
	AllowCards: {
		idNUM: amount         (NUM is id number, amount is amount)
	AllowAmmo: {
		idNUM: something      (NUM is id number)


Id: Item id

AegisName: Server name to reference the item in scripts and lookups, should use no spaces.

Name: Name in English for displaying as output for @ and script commands.


	0	Healing item.
	2	Usable item.
	3	Etc item
	4	Weapon
	5	Armor/Garment/Boots/Headgear
	6	Card
	7	Pet egg
	8	Pet equipment
	10	Ammo (Arrows/Bullets/etc)
	11	Usable with delayed consumption (item is lost from inventory
		after selecting a target, for use with skills and pet lures)
	18	Another delayed consume that requires user confirmation before
		using item.

Buy: Default buying price. When not specified, becomes double the sell price.

Sell: Default selling price. When not specified, becomes half the buy price.

Weight: Item's weight. Each 10 is 1 weight. When not specified, becomes 0.

Atk: Weapon's attack. When not specified, becomes 0.

Matk: Weapon's magical attack (only used in renewal mode, ignored in pre-renewal). When not specified, becomes 0.

Def: Armor's defense. When not specified, becomes 0.

Range: Weapon's attack range. When not specified, becomes 0.

Slots: Amount of slots the item possesses. When not specified, becomes 0.

Job: Equippable jobs. This would make sense if we had different races, but we don't, so please leave all jobs enabled here.

Upper: Equippable upper-types. Uses the following bitmasks: Normal jobs: ITEMUPPER_NORMAL (0x01) Upper jobs: ITEMUPPER_UPPER (0x02) Baby jobs: ITEMUPPER_BABY (0x04) Third jobs: ITEMUPPER_THIRD (0x08) Upper Third jobs: ITEMUPPER_THIRDUPPER (0x10) Baby Third jobs: ITEMUPPER_THIRDBABY (0x20)

Under pre-re mode third classes are considered upper, making use of the ITEMUPPER_THIRD and above masks is therefore not necessary unless in renewal mode. When no value is specified, all classes (mask ITEMUPPER_ALL = 0x3f) are able to equip the item.

Gender: Gender restriction. Available genders: SEX_FEMALE: 0 SEX_MALE: 1 SEX_ANY: 2 When not specified, becomes "SEX_ANY".

Loc: Equipment's placement. A value needs to be specified if the item is an equipment piece. Values are (bitmask arrays are supported):

	Lower Headgear:       EQP_HEAD_LOW             (2^00 = 0x000001)
	Weapon:               EQP_HAND_R or EQP_WEAPON (2^01 = 0x000002)
	Garment:              EQP_GARMENT              (2^02 = 0x000004)
	Accessory 1:          EQP_ACC_L                (2^03 = 0x000008)
	Armor:                EQP_ARMOR                (2^04 = 0x000010)
	Shield:               EQP_HAND_L or EQP_SHIELD (2^05 = 0x000020)
	(Both Hands):         EQP_ARMS                 (EQP_HAND_L | EQP_HAND_R = 0x000022)
	Footgear:             EQP_SHOES                (2^06 = 0x000040)
	Accessory 2:          EQP_ACC_R                (2^07 = 0x000080)
	(Both Accessories):   EQP_ACC                  (EQP_ACC_R | EQP_ACC_L = 0x000088)
	Upper Headgear:       EQP_HEAD_TOP             (2^08 = 0x000100)
	Middle Headgear:      EQP_HEAD_MID             (2^09 = 0x000200)
	(T+M+B Headgear):     EQP_HELM                 (EQP_HEAD_LOW | EQP_HEAD_MID | EQP_HEAD_TOP = 0x000301)
	Costume Top Headgear: EQP_COSTUME_HEAD_TOP     (2^10 = 0x000400)
	Costume Mid Headgear: EQP_COSTUME_HEAD_MID     (2^11 = 0x000800)
	Costume Low Headgear: EQP_COSTUME_HEAD_LOW     (2^12 = 0x001000)
	Costume Garment/Robe: EQP_COSTUME_GARMENT      (2^13 = 0x002000)
	Ammunition:           EQP_AMMO                 (2^15 = 0x008000)
	Shadow Armor:         EQP_SHADOW_ARMOR         (2^16 = 0x010000)
	Shadow Weapon:        EQP_SHADOW_WEAPON        (2^17 = 0x020000)
	Shadow Shield:        EQP_SHADOW_SHIELD        (2^18 = 0x040000)
	(Shadow 2H Weapon):   EQP_SHADOW_ARMS          (EQP_SHADOW_WEAPON | EQP_SHADOW_SHIELD = 0x060000)
	Shadow Shoes:         EQP_SHADOW_SHOES         (2^19 = 0x080000)
	Shadow Accessory 2:   EQP_SHADOW_ACC_R         (2^20 = 0x100000)
	Shadow Accessory 1:   EQP_SHADOW_ACC_L         (2^21 = 0x200000)
	(Shadow Accessories): EQP_SHADOW_ACC           (EQP_SHADOW_ACC_R | EQP_SHADOW_ACC_L = 0x300000)

WeaponLv: Weapon level. Becomes 0 when not specified.

EquipLv: Base level required to be able to equip. It is possible to specify two values, if an item has a maximum level, by using the following syntax:

EquipLv: [minLv, maxLv]

If only one value is specified, maxLv becomes the current server's MAX_LEVEL. If no values are specified, minLv becomes 0.

Refineable: true if the item can be refined, false otherwise. If no value is specified, it defaults to true.

ViewSprite: Defines a replacement view-sprite for the item (eg. Making apples look like apple juice).

Subtype: For weapons and ammo, indicates the weapon-class of the item.

	For weapons, the types are:
		W_FIST      0: Bare fist
		W_DAGGER    1: Daggers
		W_1HSWORD   2: One-handed swords
		W_2HSWORD   3: Two-handed swords
		W_1HSPEAR   4: One-handed spears
		W_2HSPEAR   5: Two-handed spears
		W_1HAXE     6: One-handed axes
		W_2HAXE     7: Two-handed axes
		W_MACE      8: Maces
		W_2HMACE    9: Unused
		W_STAFF    10: Staves
		W_BOW      11: Bows
		W_KNUCKLE  12: Knuckles
		W_MUSICAL  13: Musical instruments
		W_WHIP     14: Whips
		W_BOOK     15: Books
		W_KATAR    16: Katars
		W_REVOLVER 17: Reveolvers
		W_RIFLE    18: Rifles
		W_GATLING  19: Gatling guns
		W_SHOTGUN  20: Shotguns
		W_GRENADE  21: Grenade launchers
		W_HUUMA    22: Fuuma shurikens
		W_2HSTAFF  23: Two-handed staves
	For ammo, the types are:
		A_ARROW       1: Arrows
		A_DAGGER      2: Throwable daggers
		A_BULLET      3: Bullets
		A_SHELL       4: Shells
		A_GRENADE     5: Grenades
		A_SHURIKEN    6: Shuriken
		A_KUNAI       7: Kunai
		A_CANNONBALL  8: Cannon balls
		A_THROWWEAPON 9: Throwable items (Sling Item)

BindOnEquip: Whether the item will automatically bind to the character when it is equipped for the first time. An item that has this field set, will display a confirmation dialog the first time it is equipped, and, if accepted, the item will become character-bound.

ForceSerial: Whether the item will be given new unique id or not. When the item have this field as true, the item will be unstackable and new uniqueID will be given to each item.

BuyingStore: Whether the item can be sold via buyingstore, one must also edit data\buyingstoreitemlist.txt for client to accept item.

DropAnnounce: Enables global announcement of the selected item when dropped by monster.

Delay: Delay for an item to be used again. Value is in milliseconds. There is a max concurrent number of entries modifiable in src/map/itemdb.h as MAX_ITEMDELAYS.

Trade: Item trade restrictions. If this block is omitted, the item will have no trade restrictions. All the settings in this group are boolean values, unless otherwise specified. Default value is false (restriction not set) for any missing setting.

Allowed settings in this block are:

		override: If specified and in the interval [1:100], sets the
		          minimum GM Group ID that can bypass the defined trade
		          restrictions. This is an integer value.
		nodrop: Item can't be dropped.
		notrade: Item can't be traded (nor vended).
		partneroverride: Wedded partners can override the notrade setting.
		noselltonpc: Item can't be sold to NPCs.
		nocart: Item can't be placed in the cart.
		nostorage: Item can't be placed in the storage.
		nogstorage: Item can't be placed in the guild storage.
		nomail: Item can't be attached to mail messages.
		noauction: Item can't be auctioned.

Nouse: Defines if an item cannot be used under certain circumstances. If this block is omitted, there will be no usage restrictions. All the settings in this group are boolean values, unless otherwise specified. Default value is false (restriction not set) for any missing setting.

Allowed settings in this block are:

		override: If specified and in the interval [1:100], sets the
		          minimum GM Group ID that can bypass the defined usage
		          restrictions. This is an integer value.
		sitting: Item can't be used while sitting.

Stack: Prevents an item to be stacked more than x times in given
       inventory types. Generally used by 3rd class related skill items.
       Syntax: [amount, type]
    Available types:
       1: Character inventory restriction
       2: Character cart restriction
       4: Account storage restriction
       8: Guild storage restriction
       Note: Stack limit of 0 will disable a restriction.

Sprite: SpriteID will be sent to the client instead of ItemID. NOTE: Replaces an item client-side while keeping them separate server-side. Think of it as a way to disguise items.

Script: Script to execute when the item is used/equipped.

OnEquipScript: Script to execute when the item is equipped. Warning, not all item bonuses will work here as expected.

OnUnequipScript: Script to execute when the item is unequipped. Warning, not all item bonuses will work here as expected.

Inherit: This can be used only in item_db2.conf, and if set to true, and the item already exists in item_db.conf, all the missing fields will be inherited from there rather than using their default values.